Friday, July 31, 2009

Project Blue

BLUE LIKE YOU a positive media initiative & community for women feeling blue One in four women experience depression in their lifetime,yet many never talk about it or seek professional help because of the social stigma surrounding mental illness...

We believe that through our collective voice we can create a future where every women feels empowered to talk openly about feeling blue and take action toward achieving full mental health & happiness.

What is Project Blue?

Project Blue is a social media movement focused on causing a dramatic shift in the way depression is represented and ultimately perceived in our society. Our vision is to create a positive and empowering environment for women (via access, acceptance & action) that completely transforms the current social dialogue around depression.

Project Blue: The Case for Action...

“If we don’t collectively take action right now to change our perceptions and portrayals of what depression is, who is affected by it and how acceptable it is to acknowledge it and take action - then millions of women around the world will continue to suffer in a shroud of self-imposed silence.

What if there was a possible future where mental illness is just as validated and easy to talk about as physical illness? A future where every women experiencing depression feels accepted, acknowledged and supported in a way that empowers her to take action toward achieving full mental health...

Project Blue is a stand for this future. The first project is “Blue Like You,” an ebook collating real stories about living with depression by real women that will be freely available for download via the internet. If women across the world start sharing their experiences of feeling blue openly and freely then we have the power to liberate our mothers, sisters, friends, colleagues and communities from the shame of stepping forward to speak about depression.” “Don’t wait! Be the change you want to see...Jump on board NOW and join us in action!”

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