Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hello Everyone,
I hope you are doing well. I am doing good. I came across this last night. I am planning on joining in on the conversation. I hope you will too. Take Care, Thanks for visiting my blog. Janet :)

"If we can talk about mental illness, so can you."
On PBS, online and in the community, MINDS ON THE EDGE is expanding the conversation about mental illness. Join us in encouraging this urgently needed dialogue everywhere from kitchen tables to coffee shops, from town halls to state houses, in libraries and at professional meetings. Answers we need to meet this challenge can only emerge from a robust public conversation.
You are a critical part of this civic dialogue.
Start the conversation with friends, neighbors and colleagues.
There are so many ways to take part.

* Share your experience and your views and be a part of the online community.
1. Email web links to people who would want to consider these issues.
2. Join the Facebook fan page and use yours to spread the word.
3. Follow us on Twitter and retweet to your followers.
4. Contribute your perspective on YouTube


  1. Thanks for sharing...there are many of us who are willing/wanting to share.

  2. my name is michelle jackson of jax Fl. usa.
    I have bipolar disorder. Just got out of the mental hospital a week ago. Its hard but manageable when I have clarity and the right perception. Stigma is a b****. Please if you are one of us. Do what you can to make this known. I support this cause. I know the whole gammet. Lost friends to suicide, see ppl suffer see the stigma. What can we do more everyone??? Lets start a national march.

  3. Janet,
    When I get through this whirl wind of a schedule over the next few months I would love to share more of my story if it would help anyone!!

    What you are doing here is simply inspiring. You may do what you want with this. But, it comes from my heart and if nothing else it gives you some linky love.

    You are an inspiration to me!!


  4. I found your blog when I started following "Minds on the edge" last night. I hope you don't mind if I add you to my list of blogs I follow...?

  5. Hi Carol,
    I just got back from vacation, I am honored that you want to follow my blog. I will follow yours as well. Always glad to make a new friend.
    Janet :)

  6. Hi Janet, just wandered into your blog. I was drawn by the word stigma, and so happens I was interested to know more about mental illness and depression. A friend's sister is suffering and tried to kill herself. She is now in the mental hospital, how long will she be in there? She's 50+, a divorcee with 2 grown up children. I get her to read your links. hope it can enlighten her a bit. She is too reserved and not willing to talk to the doctors too.