Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When I Miss You

Hi Everyone, Today is the 3rd anniversary of my mother's passing. She was my inspiration for this blog and so much more in my life. Most of all she taught me, by example, not to let a disease define who or what you are. How that lesson is still helping me today. Simply amazing is the power of how a mother's love, for it transcends death and lives within us for life.
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Love ya,
Janet :)


When I miss you

When I miss you mom
I turn towards the sun
With the rays on my face
I feel your love and grace

When I miss your hold
I stand still in the wind
and feel the strength of
your soul

When I miss your eyes
I see them in the mirror
through me they are
still alive

When I miss your smile
I look to the night
Each star wishes
they could be so bright

When I miss everything
about you
I stand in the rain
until it washes away
the pain

When I look at what you
left behind I am so
blessed and believe
When our family is gathered
your spirit is with us and
will never leave
Today and forever I will
miss you until together
again we will be

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  1. It is funny how no matter how much time goes by we still miss our loved ones. My brother died when I was sixteen. I still say a prayer for him every night.