Friday, February 26, 2010

Facebook | Boycott SeaWorld Until they Remove Killer Whales

Facebook | Boycott SeaWorld Until they Remove Killer Whales

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to start a boycott like this today. I am outraged that they are still going to show this Killer Whale. If you don't have a facebook page I ask you to get one just for this cause so you can Join the group, the more that join the better the chances of reaching our goal of removing that killer whale. It is very easy to sign up. You will also find some good friends and family are on there and it is a fun way to keep in touch with them. What a disgrace to the legacy of Animal trainer Dawn Brancheau. And what kind of message does that send out about what and who they value more, sea life or human life? Obviously sea life. How many people are going to have to die because of this whale until something is done. I know personally if I got the opportunity today to go there I would not, even if they remove the whale, in my eyes they have changed my perception of what they truly are about. If you join this group I want you to know I deeply appreciate it and Thank you. Here is the link to the group.!/group.php?gid=339532201064
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  1. Yes, I'll join your boycott, but I have some thoughts:

    It seems that the trainers hair brushed against the whale's nose and caused it to grab her ponytail and drag her down...If that is the nature of a killer whale, then it is debatable if they should be held in captivity...
    ...the killer whale's "Nature" is just that...Nature.

    A lion or a tiger or any predatory beast will react according to it's nature and it is not for us to regard that animal as bad...otherwise the animal kingdom will be comprised of only gentle creatures.

    I am sceptical of holding animals in captivity in any case...

    ...the really cynical thought is that SeaWorld will keep the creature on display, hoping that an influx of morbidly curious visitors will arrive, therefore boosting sales...


  2. Hi Henry,
    I did watch that on the news after I posted this, I saw the video of her brushing her hair against him. She got comfortable with him and let her guard down and the whale sensed that. I do agree about the nature of animals to defend themselves, so the whale mistook fun for threat. I think I was feeling more for the trainer at the time of this post and my disgust with Sea World for keeping him. You are probably spot on about them keeping her on display as you say to attract morbid people even though the people don't realize deep down that is why they are viewing the show. We are all guilty of that, like when there is a car accident everyone slows down to see what happened. We get caught up in the drama of it all. Thanks for joing the group and for your very insightful thoughts on this issue.
    Your the best Henry,
    Love ya,