Friday, March 26, 2010

Get In That Ass Larry!!

Hi Everyone, I hope your doing good, I am. I had such a good day yesterday with my Bri, first she called me in the morning to ask me, Mimmi still coming down, then when I got there she gave me big hugs and kisses, we played in the dirt, making snowmen is still on her mind LOL! Then we flew her new turtle kite. The best part of the day is she finally sat with me again and took a picture, she has not done that for so long. I like to post some funny videos to start your Friday off with a laugh. Laughter is good for your Mental Health as well as dancing. I should post these two things more often on this blog. I realized today that I have been so focused on the mental health issues that I haven't taken the time on to brighten your day every now and then. So that is going to change. I love how Larry handles the blue tooth guy, I can't stand that either, all the vendors who come into Target seem to have them and I am always asking what? And them I get the finger pointing to their blue tooth, it is so annoying. I am looking forward to this weekend, I get out of work at 2 today and then I am free all weekend to workout, have plenty of Zen time at the nook. Live, Love and Laugh my friends and you will have a great weekend no matter what.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Love you all
Janet :)

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