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Teen Suicide Leads to Indictment of 9 Students

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Hope you are doing well. I am doing good. Another tragic case of a life gone too soon. At least we are taking steps here in Ma to help prevent bullying. I do think these kids should face charges, they led her to suicide. It is tough enough being a new person and a teenager without all the abuse from the others. I had to remove Jenn's pictures and video out of respect and privacy for the family. I can understand why they wanted me too. I will be setting up a new link for donations.
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(March 29) --Two days before a high school dance, 15-year-old Phoebe Prince hanged herself at her parents' home. Now, investigators have accused nine of her fellow students with the bullying that may have prompted the suicide.

At a news conference today, Northwestern Massachusetts District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel detailed the charges against Prince's fellow students at South Hadley High School. They included statutory rape, violation of civil rights, criminal harassment and disturbance of a school assembly, The Boston Globe reported.

Prince, who recently immigrated to the United States from Ireland with her family, was the target of abuse and bullying since last fall, Scheibel said, sometimes within the view of school staff, as is said to have been the case on the day she took her own life.

"The harassment reported to have occurred that day in the school library appears to have been conducted in the presence of a faculty member and several students, but went unreported to school administrators until after Phoebe's death," Scheibel said.

In the wake of Prince's suicide on Jan. 14, residents of South Hadley have demanded that school Superintendent Gus Sayer resign from office, the Boston Herald reported. Until Monday's indictments were handed down, no action had been taken against the students accused of bullying Prince.

It is believed that she was being bullied over a brief relationship with a boy at the school.

The students named in the indictments are Sean Mulveyhill, 17; Kayla Narey, 17; Austin Renaud, 18; Ashley Longe; 16, Flannery Mullins, 16; and Sharon Chanon Velazquez, 16. Mulveyhill and Renaud were the only students charged with statutory rape.

Three other female students were also charged with crimes including assault with a dangerous weapon and violation of civil rights, but their names were not released.

As a result of Prince's death, the Massachusetts Legislature has approved an anti-bullying bill, the Boston Herald reported, that mandates that school principals report bullies to police in cases where criminal charges might be applicable.

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