Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young

Hi Everyone, I hope you are doing well, I am great. I am loving these videos from the movie Streets Of Fire, I will be getting the movie today in the mail from netflixs, can't wait to watch it. Thanks for sharing the info with me FishHawk. They are full of passion and love, and don't we all want that in our lives, even if we have to fantasize about it, either way it is very good for our mental health LOL!. I can dream about you inspired me to write this short poem. I will have a good day today, I get to play with Bri and then go to the nook. Oh before I forget again Donna, I have been meaning to tell you since I missed you the other day there, and in case I forget to post it in my status on facebook, I am usually there about 3.00pm to 4.30pm during the week and when I don't have to work at 4, around 1 in the afternoon on the weekends again if I am not working, can't wait for this weekend, it is going to be so beautiful, I plan on spending as much time there as I can. Know I always look forward to spending time with any of my friends, if not thier are always friendly people to meet there as well. And of course I always have my buddy Abby. Remember to be aware, so very aware, April Fool's day is upon us LOL!
Have a great day,
Janet :)

As day dawns
I am back from beyond
Beyond where my thoughts
are quiet and my heart
is on fire!

Beyond where I am
Beyond where there is
Two souls engulfed
in passion
until our hunger knows

Beyond where love
burns like the day's ray's.
Beyond where sparks
light the night
Dam you dawn,
take me back to

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