Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Two More Reasons


Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing well. I guess I am suppose to be better. I got flowers, wine, and all that happy horseshit to try and make me forget his unacceptable behavior. It just doesn't work for me anymore. He couldn't even use the I was drunk excuse the other day, it was 5 in the afternoon, right after he got home from work. Any way I will focus on the people who make me happy and see what changes or doesn't change and take it from there. My heart breaks for Marie, I would have to be heavily drugged out to be able to bury my child, especially to suicide. Then you would just have to lock me up. Two more reasons to walk, so tragic for their loved ones. Thanks for visiting my blog, Take Care, Janet :)

News - Teen Idol Corey Haim Dies at 38 - Celebrity News -

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News - Marie Osmond's Son to be Laid to Rest Monday - Celebrity News -

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