Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We Survived

Hi Everyone, I am doing great, hope you are too. I had to post this letter right away from Sandy. I posted it yesterday on fb and it already helped a friend of mine. Bobbi lost her first son to suicide. She understands now and it helped her to ease her guilt of not being able to save him. Please share this with anyone you know that has been affected by suicide. Have a great day, Janet :)

On Sat. 3/20/10, I presented a Messages from Heaven program, a portion of the proceeds going to the American Foundation for Prevention of Suicide. Before the event, I was meditating and was given a "letter" from a "group of those in Spirit who had committed suicide." Please feel free to forward to anyone you know who is/has been affected by suicide...my hope is that it will bring comfort and peace to their hearts.

To our moms, dads, families and friends…
We survived. We’re not in pain…not like some of us were when we were there. We weren’t trying to get away from you…(or your nagging)…we were just looking to have peace. And we have it. But we’re sorry it came at such a huge price to you.

You didn’t push us over the edge; and you couldn’t have called us back from the ledge.

God isn’t/wasn’t mad at us, and we’re not in “hell”. We felt surrounded by love and understanding immediately. For some, it takes a little time to accept that…but we usually all do. We got a chance to understand how we could have done things differently, so not so many people would have been hurt. We’re told we’ll get a chance to have another lifetime of serving others in some way…as our opportunity to help.

We’re all together here. We help each other…especially the new ones who join us. They’re often shocked, and we help them know it’s ok to accept peace and love and forgiveness…and help them get acclimated to life without pain.

YOU DIDN’T FAIL US! You did what you could for us. We know that…but you’re still holding on to guilt and regret. We wish you wouldn’t do that…it hurts you too much. There’s nothing you could’ve done to stop our death…you so often want to go back and re-do moments. You can’t…life doesn’t work that way. But you can be with us now…and have moments with us now.

Please remember that we are with you…but not in the way that we were. We are with you in thought, in your heart, in your mind. Meet us there. It’s real…you’re not making it up. Thank you for loving us. We chose you for our family…and we want to help you see things differently. Let her (Sandy) help you. She’s pretty cool. She understands. Let us in…the way that we are now. We are only a thought away. We love you forever.

~as written through Sandy Alemian

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