Monday, April 19, 2010

Mom, My Sweet Sadie

Hi Everyone, hope your doing well this Monday morning, my brother Jim always found the best songs to remember our mother with. She was such a doll, I am missing her today so I am posting this video I made of her. She was the sweetest Sadie anyone could have in their lives. The song skips a little bit in the video but to me it is still a beautiful tribute to her. We kept telling her at the end of her life in the nursing home look at all the beautiful people you brought into the world a total of 17, so she did not feel her legacy was nothing, and we meant it, she brought so much love and light into the world while she was suffering herself. How beautiful is a person who can do that. I am sure all of you out there that have lost your mother will appreciate it. After my Dad passed away my mother would always listen to Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues and dance by herself, she even went to see them in concert with my brother Kevin and Karen, she said she felt like everyone's mother, and she got a buzz from all the smoke in the air. LOL! how she loved him. I like to think they are dancing among the clouds now. Love you soooo much Jim, Thanks for being such a good son and brother :)
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Janet :)

P.S. I was just watching the video and I wanted to share some things about my family with you, when the Bad News Bears came out all my friends told me that my Dad looked like Walter Matthau, I got a kick out of that. My sister and I think my brother Bobby looks like Dave Matthews,do you see it? I see my mother more and more in Christa as she get's older. Her sister Kay thought that too. Hope you enjoyed watching my mother's legacy :)

Mom & Dad

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Forrest Gump

Hi Everyone, How are ya, I am good, I get to go play with Bri tomorrow. I wanted to share my favorite movie with you tonight, I don't know why but it is on my mind. This Character was the one in the movie that had the most against him, yet he succeeded in life and helped so many others to succeeded as well. I am the type of person who is always rooting for the underdog, because I've been there!! He is so loving and sweet, if I was his Jenny I would have married him. The link is my favorite quote from the movie. Forresst have you found Jesus yet??? LOL!!! The answer is priceless. I want to take the time tonight to say THANK YOU all so much for coming back day after day and visiting my blogs, All of your visits make me so happy, and bring a warmth to my heart that I need so much lately. I was feeling so depressed today, but Thank God I had to work tonight, I just love working there. Heather who is my LOD as we call it at Target is like a boss, she is always busting me with my droid in my draw. And she caught me doodeling on paper the other night, I thought all my work was done, but I missed a reshop carriage. On the way out I was gonna give her the doodle, but could not find her. Two days before this too when she caught me again I said on the way out, I am gonna have to get a spanking when I get home for being so bad. I had the whole front end laughing, they loved it. So today when I came in I said Hi Heather it's me, she did that two finger eye thing, to let me know I am watching you as she laughed, so at the end of the night, after all my work was done, I did another doodle tonight to mess with her and autographed it. I handed it to her on the way out, we both laughed our asses off. Your a doll Heather, keep on watching me, you will learn to regret it LOL!
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Janet :)

Jam song for the day, Turn it up loud Captain, Your love is teaching
me how to kneel, Just give me what I want and nobody gets hurt LOL!
Love it :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Family History of Depression Alters Brain’s Response to Reward and Risk

Hi Everyone, I hope you are doing well, I am doing good. This is an significant find in order to understand depression and how to possibly prevent the onset of it. I am living proof that it runs in the family especially among girls. My mother, myself and my daughter have all had issues with anxiety and depression. Luckily today it is easily treatable. I hope this information helps you if you are noticing a change in a girl in your family. Thanks for visiting my blog, All my love Janet :)

Science Update
April 06, 2010

woman comforting girl

Girls at high risk for depression but without current or past clinically significant symptoms showed abnormal brain function related to anticipating and receiving either a reward or loss, according to a study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). According to the researchers, this abnormal brain function may be useful for predicting future illness in people with a family history of depression. The study was published in the April 2010 issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry.


Past research has shown that depression is associated with faulty processing in certain brain regions, but it is unclear whether abnormal functioning precedes depression or is caused by it.

For their study, Ian Gotlib, Ph.D., of Stanford University, and colleagues compared 13 girls whose biological mothers had a history of recurrent episodes of major depression (high-risk group) with 13 girls who had no family history of depression (low-risk group). All of the girls were between the ages of 10 and 14, and none had either past or current major depression.

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), the researchers assessed the participants' brain function during a series of tasks that involved responding quickly to different cues to win points or avoid losing points that could later be exchanged for prizes. Each task was preceded by a cue signaling the type of task that would follow (win points or avoid losing points). During this phase, the researchers observed brain activity related to anticipating reward or loss. After each task, participants received feedback about the number of points they had gained or lost according to how they performed. During this phase, the researchers studied how the girls' brains processed the experience of reward or loss.

Results of the Study

When compared to girls in the low-risk group, girls at high risk for depression showed abnormal brain functioning related to anticipating and processing reward and loss. Specifically, they showed:

  • Reduced brain activation during reward processing
  • Greater activity while anticipating reward in a brain area linked to anticipating aversive events, such as a scary image or a painful shock
  • Greater activity following losses in an area associated with learning from experience, but no activity in reward processing; in contrast, low-risk girls activated this area during reward processing but not loss outcomes.


According to the researchers, their study suggests that familial risk for depression affects brain activity and function before the onset of depressive symptoms. These findings complement another recent finding from these investigators that girls at high risk for depression have smaller hippocampi—a brain structure involved in regulating stress and emotions—than do girls with no family history of the disorder.1

What's Next

Abnormal reward and loss processing in the structures identified in this study may serve as useful biomarkers of depression risk. However, further research is needed to determine how affected brain processes may change over time and whether they can be used to predict the onset of depression.


Gotlib IH, Hamilton JP, Cooney RE, Singh MK, Henry ML, Joormann J. Neural Processing of Reward and Loss in Girls at Risk for Major Depression. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 2010 Apr;67(4):380-7.

1 Chen MC, Hamilton JP, Gotlib IH. Decreased hippocampal volume in healthy girls at risk of depression. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 2010 Mar;67(3):270-6. PubMed PMID: 20194827.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Natural High

Hi Everyone, I hope you are doing well, I am doing great. Tonight I started my training walk for the overnight. I went to the Plymouth Ma, waterfront. It was a perfect night for walking the temperature was cool, around 50 degrees or less. The fog made it look so romantic to me, like you needed to cuddle up with someone. The more I walked the better I felt. I could have kept walking all night. I am so blessed to be living here. People smile as they walk by you and the world is right in every one's eyes as they enjoy the waterfront. I am going to walk there every night I am not working. Can't get enough of feeling good, I hope you all have that place in your life that does that for you. Donna I think I saw your boat out on the water, so if you are down there around 6 O'clock any night, look for me and enjoy a walk with me, we can go slow and take as much time as possible. Hey did you forget about my girl scout cookies? I have earned the right to eat all 4 boxes between Zumba and walking LOL! Scotty asked me yesterday if we could start jogging on the weekends, I said, ya we could try it out, what was I thinking!! I know I want him to start exercising as well.
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Janet :)


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Love My Girls

Hi Everyone, I hope your doing well, I am good, but bumming over how the red sox's Yankee game is going at this point. I noticed last year that in the sixth inning they usually come back. We can only hope. Christa teased me all day, first call, I am on my way to fenway, Oh Great Good for you, I teased her back. Then when they got there she called, I am just waling into fenway and I got a sausage sub, I said thanks for letting me know, now get to your seats and get taking some pictures of Jason for me! No truly I am so happy for them getting these tickets, they deserve it. They both work so hard and are such great parents. I love them so much. Just when I needed it yesterday Christa sent me this on my droid. Every night someone thinks about you before they go to bed. At least 15 people in the world love you. The only reason someone would hate you is because they want to be just like you. There are at least two people in the world that would die for you. That line is making my eyes fill up.You mean the world to someone, someone that you don't even know exist loves you. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes out of it. When the world has turned their back on you,take a look. Always remember the compliments you have received. Forget the rude remarks. Thank you for being my friend. I don't know how I raised such a beautiful girl, but somehow I did. Briana woke up this morning and Christa asked her, who came by with treats for you last night, she replied Mimmi did LOL! She said no, guess again, then she said Abby did. When Christa said no again, she remembered the Easter bunny and her face lit up. They video taped the egg hunt, can't wait to see it and share it with you. I am sorry if you are getting tired of my videos of Bri, but I consider myself so blessed to be able to share them, seeing what my sister is going through. Most of all today I want to say to my followers and my visitors I am so grateful to all of you for continuing to follow or visit me. There is nothing I love to do more than at the end of the day to sit here at my desk and write about my daily and life experiences good or bad. I hope that what I write inspires you in some way, or relates to you and what you are going through in your life, so Thank You again. I love each and every one of you. This poem Christa sent me is for you too. Now that the weather is nice again I can start sitting out on my deck at night by myself and stare up to the stars. I reflect on all of my loved ones pasted or present. I get inspired to write something new, or a poem comes to me. I also had a great talk with my brother Jim today. We had some issues between us after my mom passed, but wounds are being healed and once again we told each other I love you. Mom would want it that way. He said to me today Dad loved his girls more than his boys, I said I thought it was the other way around, he said Oh no. It was good to hear that. The bottom line we said to each `other is he was sooo good to all of us, we wanted for nothing and every decision he made was the right one. How lucky we were to have him, and how tragic it was to lose him too soon. So today I will go to work and have some fun, then have some me time at the nook as usual, and enjoy it knowing it won't be interrupted by Pete, at least during the week he is at work. He came by again yesterday. I mean really, I hate the feeling of being checked up on. I hate when a person is insecure, smothering and needy. I don't ask for much I am a simple person. I do what I need to do and then need my space. If it keeps up on the weekends I am gonna rip him a new asshole, seriously!!! I don't go after him when ever he goes somewhere if anything I say go, goodbye! I hope you visit my DDD blog and check out the Veronica's they are twin girls and their music rocks, I can't stop listening to the songs in the videos I posted! You will know what I mean when you watch the videos, the need to escape the rut, love freely and feel your passion. Need you so much somehow. I can't forget you. been going crazy from the moment I met you. As I am ending my post tonight it is the sixth inning and the red sox's came back, hate to say I told you so, but I told you so LOL! I posted on both of my blogs my donation page for the Overnight Walk, all funds go directly to the cause and you can remain anonymous if you want to, Thank you ahead of time. Have a great day,
Love ya's
Janet :)