Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Forrest Gump

Hi Everyone, How are ya, I am good, I get to go play with Bri tomorrow. I wanted to share my favorite movie with you tonight, I don't know why but it is on my mind. This Character was the one in the movie that had the most against him, yet he succeeded in life and helped so many others to succeeded as well. I am the type of person who is always rooting for the underdog, because I've been there!! He is so loving and sweet, if I was his Jenny I would have married him. The link is my favorite quote from the movie. Forresst have you found Jesus yet??? LOL!!! The answer is priceless. I want to take the time tonight to say THANK YOU all so much for coming back day after day and visiting my blogs, All of your visits make me so happy, and bring a warmth to my heart that I need so much lately. I was feeling so depressed today, but Thank God I had to work tonight, I just love working there. Heather who is my LOD as we call it at Target is like a boss, she is always busting me with my droid in my draw. And she caught me doodeling on paper the other night, I thought all my work was done, but I missed a reshop carriage. On the way out I was gonna give her the doodle, but could not find her. Two days before this too when she caught me again I said on the way out, I am gonna have to get a spanking when I get home for being so bad. I had the whole front end laughing, they loved it. So today when I came in I said Hi Heather it's me, she did that two finger eye thing, to let me know I am watching you as she laughed, so at the end of the night, after all my work was done, I did another doodle tonight to mess with her and autographed it. I handed it to her on the way out, we both laughed our asses off. Your a doll Heather, keep on watching me, you will learn to regret it LOL!
Love ya's,
Janet :)

Jam song for the day, Turn it up loud Captain, Your love is teaching
me how to kneel, Just give me what I want and nobody gets hurt LOL!
Love it :)



  1. Its my fiance's and my favourite film that we ended up buying it. I nicknamed my fiance' Dave, Gump because he has Forest Gumps' similar character; mentally challenged(from a head injury secondary to a car accident) and yet he has achieved so much and proved the Dr's wrong. Best movie, thanku for sharing. Liana.

  2. Thanks Liana for your comments on my blog, Love to hear your Gump has overcome the odds, see there was a reason It was on my mind. Thanks for all your visit,
    I truly appreciate them,
    Janet :)