Monday, April 19, 2010

Mom, My Sweet Sadie

Hi Everyone, hope your doing well this Monday morning, my brother Jim always found the best songs to remember our mother with. She was such a doll, I am missing her today so I am posting this video I made of her. She was the sweetest Sadie anyone could have in their lives. The song skips a little bit in the video but to me it is still a beautiful tribute to her. We kept telling her at the end of her life in the nursing home look at all the beautiful people you brought into the world a total of 17, so she did not feel her legacy was nothing, and we meant it, she brought so much love and light into the world while she was suffering herself. How beautiful is a person who can do that. I am sure all of you out there that have lost your mother will appreciate it. After my Dad passed away my mother would always listen to Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues and dance by herself, she even went to see them in concert with my brother Kevin and Karen, she said she felt like everyone's mother, and she got a buzz from all the smoke in the air. LOL! how she loved him. I like to think they are dancing among the clouds now. Love you soooo much Jim, Thanks for being such a good son and brother :)
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Love ya,
Janet :)

P.S. I was just watching the video and I wanted to share some things about my family with you, when the Bad News Bears came out all my friends told me that my Dad looked like Walter Matthau, I got a kick out of that. My sister and I think my brother Bobby looks like Dave Matthews,do you see it? I see my mother more and more in Christa as she get's older. Her sister Kay thought that too. Hope you enjoyed watching my mother's legacy :)

Mom & Dad

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