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Hi Everyone, hope your doing well, I am doing great. I was trilled to see this campaign to end the stigma of Mental Illness. I plan on getting all the cards and some posters to bring on the overnight walk with me. I hope you will get some of these useful tools and help fight the fight. Changing a mind, could change someones life.
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Ready, set, okay let’s change the world! Sound impossible? It’s not really, because just by being on this site you’ve already become a part of the largest initiative to bring positive change to millions of Americans this country has ever seen. And every day we gain more ground against stigma.

Plus you have more influence than you think. You can change minds, and inspire new attitudes about mental illness just by doing something as simple as watching the way you speak about mental illness, by supporting initiatives like this (and others listed below) and supporting crucial continuing research about mental illness.

What can you do to bring change to mind? If you have a form of mental illness, we encourage you to share your story with others. We recognize that this may be difficult – coming out may lead to social disapproval and even housing and employment discrimination. But studies show that talking about your illness can reduce stress, improve job satisfaction, and increase support from family members. Also, sharing your experience will allow you some protection against discrimination through the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The World Health Organization
has done research that suggests that nearly half of adults will experience some form of mental illness in their lifetimes. There’s strength in numbers. The more people realize that people affected by mental illness are “just like me,” the easier it will be to live with any form of mental illness.

Do you have a story you want to share? Go to our Share Your Story page and tell people what it’s like to have, or be affected by, a mental illness.

What is something the other 5 out of 6 Americans can help us do? Spread the word. Walk the walk. Talk the talk. Share this site and these videos. Download, print, and distribute materials. Stay in touch and on message! After all, the best way to fight stigma is to facilitate interaction with people who have mental illness.

Here are some items that you can download (click on item):

* 8.5 x 11 poster
* 8.5 x 14 poster
* 11 x 17 poster
* "What Can People Do" cards
* "Why is Fighting Stigma Important" cards
* "About BringChange2Mind" card

Words are very powerful. When we say someone is ‘crazy’ or ‘that’s totally mental’ we’re only perpetuating stereotypes. There are other phrases and terms that may seem insignificant, but really aren’t. For example it is more sensitive to say that someone “has schizophrenia” than by calling that person a “schizophrenic”. Why? Because having a mental illness does not so fully define someone as to become their complete identity.

So again, it’s best to refrain from using terms like “crazy,” “nuts”, “psycho” and “lunatic”. You get the picture. And while there may be times when it is too challenging or simply not possible to politely correct someone else’s insensitive use of language, you can always try to watch your own.

There are great strides being made in the treatment, prevention and cure of mental illnesses. From neuroscience and genetics, to drug discoveries and behavioral therapies, researchers are developing innovative approaches to lessen the impact of mental illness on our society. Supporting organizations that fund and conduct important studies can lead to breakthroughs never before thought possible.

NIMH Research News
NIMH Grants
International Mental Health Research Organization
Study Participation

Join forces with an organization, like this, or those featured on this site. Mental illness is our reality. Fighting stigma is our responsibility. Together, we can do this.

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