Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sum Total

Hi Everyone, Happy Saturday!! I applied for a couple of jobs yesterday and I found out I get my license back in three weeks, sweet :) I will never, never lose it again so help me God!! If I do feel free to spank me, (like that would upset me!) I found out about a lot of resources to help me get the place I want sooner than later. But I am keeping that to myself for now folks. Because if any of you shared info I didn't want shared I might have to pull a Leo on your ass, and that would not be pretty my friends LOL! It was so beautiful tonight walking down the nook, the sun sparkled between the trees and everything was so green and the place was empty except for one family on the playground and one family on the basketball court and one other walker. After not walking for almost a week I forgot how much I love doing it now. I noticed tonight that I have developed a good pace as I pound the pavement and my body moves to the rhythm of my music that makes me feel sexy and so alive :) Larry David's show is coming back for another season on HBO this summer, between Entourage and his show I am going have some great laughs. The best part of walking tonight was although I have hit rock bottom, no job, no license, no money, my marriage is shattered I still feel nothing but happiness and gratitude everyday. I can still smile and laugh a lot. I haven't told my counselor about recent events and yet when I saw her the other day she said something again to me about not having had the usual life that most people do, I mean everyone has problems but mine started out so young with so many traumatic events and losses along the way that she thinks I am a success story. Imagine if I told her now what was going on OMG she just might change her mind LOL! But I think it is the strength I grew throughout each and every life experience good and bad. We are all the sum total of our life experiences. I still like my sum total so far even though it is not what I want it to be, I won't give up. I will get to where I want to be day by day. How could I not when I truly love myself now, despite my shortcomings and have so much love around me. Now I am going to go sit under the stars this beautiful night and listen to Everything by lifehouse and dream of what is to be :)
Have a great Saturday
Don't Behave!!
Love ya,
Janet :)

Bruce was a hottie in his day huh!


  1. Hi Janet. Thanks for the visit...don't think you are especially bad. Things just turn out the way they do, with no special reason, no celestial design. We can't blame God...or anything else.

    In five years remember this year - You'll probably laugh

  2. Thanks for reminding me Henry why I love ya, Some day when I get on my feet I want to fly out and go to the summer solitce with you. So plan on it ok?
    thank you, you made my day and I need to hear your
    words more than you'll ever know,
    Janet xoxoxo :)