Sunday, July 18, 2010

A New Day Has Come

Hi Everyone, Happy Sunday, hope your doing well. I'm feeling great. Enjoyed a Beautiful Sunset walk on the Canal here on Cape Cod Ma last night. I got to have some time with my boy this weekend which always lifts my spirits, and I also find a lot of strength in his eyes and his unconditional love, he is so understanding about the fact I need to do what I need to do and that I will be with him as much as I can when I get my license and a car again. He is such a gentleman, opens doors for his Mom without being asked, I guess I did some things right in my life and his Dad was always good with teaching him manners. Today I walked up to Onset Center. I am loving this area right now. There was a biker yard sale on the way up, ya, now we're talking, these are my kind of people LMAO!!, but I didn't go to it, have no funds for that stuff and of course no bike. I got to sit on a bench under a shady tree on the beach and take in all it's beauty around me, as I sat listening to my music a butterfly flew around me, it was symbolic to me at that moment, the way I was feeling. They have Yoga classes in the center too and in WATC I got use to doing it a couple of times a week, it is so relaxing that one of the funny stories I have to share is during the end of yoga class I got so relaxed that I fell asleep, suddenly I felt Jessica tickling my feet, I thought I was being woken up for my first morning smoke break, but I jumped up and yelled out "Was I Snoring?" and everyone was just cracking up laughing because I was very loudly too, then I looked over at Christina and she was like quiet, the lady running the class didn't even notice LOL!, of course I get myself into my own trouble once again! No I didn't really she thought it was funny too. I think I got a job at a restaurant here in the center that I can walk too from the room I stopped by to check out that is right across the street from the Beach. I would have a waterfront view of the beach from my window. Every Saturday Night they have a light show, sweet. My son in law stayed there once and he said the sunrises and sunsets are awesome, he got up early every morning just to see the sunrise, don't know if I'll be able to do that myself, I have been having a hard time sleeping at night thinking of what I need to do, so many things on my plate, but it is what it is and I have no one to blame but myself. It is an affordable room in an older house run my a very elderly man who seems sweet enough. I will take any place and any job at this point I have no room for pride, need my own space to clear my head and get it screwed back on straight. Wouldn't you know it too that when I stopped in the restaurant to apply for a job a women named Angel ran out from back and asked me if I wouldn't mind working in the back and I said I will work anywhere, but it was funny to me that her name is Angel, I showed her my necklace and told her how much I liked her name, we hit it off right away. She is sick of working with young kids who don't have a clue of what they are doing. It also strengthens my belief that Angels are all around me in more ways than one. I located my WTf book and I will update that section this week, it's in Kingston and I have to go there on Wednesday for a Doctor's appointment so I'll get it then, so bear with me. It bugs me when I can't update like I want to, I like to keep things on my blogs as fresh and as new as I can. I will get back on track too with some info on Mental Illness and the latest updates. As a writer I sit here and what comes to me to share for the day just comes, I know all of you who write understand. Now off to make dinner and get to a meeting to collect my 30 day chip. Goal for the day today, Pat myself on the back for what I have already accomplished.
Thank you for visiting my blog,
Love ya's,
Janet :)

This song has so many meanings to me
today, it is beautiful, Enjoy :)

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