Friday, August 6, 2010

Operation Beautiful

Hi Everyone, Happy Friday, Hope you have a great weekend planned for yourself. Pete surprised me with a trip to Martha's Vineyard tomorrow. The weather is going to be perfect!! I have lived here in the Southeast of Ma all my life and this will be my first time there, Pete has worked on the Island before, but I had to stay with the kids then. I really like this starting over stuff, he is just sweeping me off my feet :) I came across this book and website thanks to my friend Angela on facebook. Thanks for sharing this Angela, I think this is a great inspiration for all of us. We are consumed with images everyday and ideals of what we "should" be and look like as women and men too. Being consumed with these stresses has led many women and men to severe disorders, such as bulimia and anorexia, depression. It is a Mental Health issue I feel and we all need to work at it in some way to fight the stigma of being different or just being us and not the ideal's of society. Two days before I left WATC the Yoga instructor did something different for class. She played some songs for us and then asked us how we related to them. She played Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. I was the only one in the group that spoke out about what this song meant to me. I said I can relate to it, I do feel beautiful about myself, no matter what anyone says, especially now. I was already at the point of feeling good about myself before I was in there despite my shortcomings. My husband especially makes me feel beautiful through his actions and he tells me I am just about everyday. I have been told and thought of otherwise by some people who do not like me, but for the first time in my life, I was not upset by their view of me, I laughed at one of their comments about me. That is how good I have been feeling about myself for the first time in my whole life. I use to get upset and believe their words, that is how much I have grown as a person. I have been walking and losing the weight I wanted, I am no size 4 but I like where I am at. I am choosing healthier ways to live my life, so I feel that comes from self love. I think most of all I am a beautiful person on the inside. No one can take that from me, I will not allow them too. We all come with faults, no one gets through life without them, as much as they may try to prove otherwise to you and to themselves. So I am inspired by Caitlin and I am going to get myself some post it's and hope I spread the confidence I am feeling today onto another women who needs it that day. I hope you do too. I have included the links that will bring you to the site for more information.
Have a Beautiful day,
Love ya,
Janet :)

Hello! I am the editor of the Operation Beautiful site. I am 26 years old and live in Charlotte, North Carolina with my Husband and two dogs. When you send a note to the Operation Beautiful site (via my email,, you will hear back from me! I really love to talk to everyone involved in the site, so please drop me a line to say hello and tell me about your Operation Beautiful experiences. I blog about my healthy lifestyle at Healthy Tipping Point, and Operation Beautiful was launched on my blog in June 2009. I began Operation Beautiful because I am dedicated to ending negative self-talk in girls, woman, and men. Through Operation Beautiful, I hope we can all encourage a positive body image in ourselves and others. I truly believe that your beauty comes from the inside, and your unique qualities that make you YOU should be valued and celebrated.

Tired of watching women pick themselves apart in front of the mirror, blogger Caitlin Boyle scribbled a note on a Post-it: "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!" and slapped it on the mirror of a public bathroom. With one small act, she kick-started a movement. In a matter of days, women were undertaking their own feats of resistance, posting uplifting notes on gym lockers, diet shakes in supermarkets, weight-loss guides in bookstores, and anywhere else a nagging voice of self-criticism might lurk. Emboldening and contagious, the "operation" has attracted widespread attention from the media, including the Oprah Winfrey Network, the New York Daily News and

Operation Beautiful showcases the notes women have posted around the world and the stories behind them, along with interviews, interesting research findings, and tips for improving one’s outlook on life. Blending a confessional tone with gutsy observations about redefining beauty, the chapters address key issues for women of all ages, including Fighting Fat Talk, Family and Friends, Food, Fitness, Faith, and Going Forward. In the scrapbook tradition of PostSecret and Davy Rothbart’s Found, Operation Beautiful is filled with black-and-white photos and a two-color design, making it the perfect gift for any friend, sister, daughter, or niece.

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