Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 Never Forget

Hello, Today I dedicate my blogs to the Memory of 9/11. When I watch these videos it brings me right back to the horror we all felt that day. I was working for Head Start in North Weymouth Ma. We had to evacuate the children that day. It was scary but the other social workers and I did get them all home. My own Children were not excused early from school, which I could not understand, because I all I wanted to do was rush home to them, feeling like it was the beginning of the end to me, I needed to be with them. I was lucky enough to be in Weymouth though, so that day I could check on my mother who still lived in my childhood home in So.Weymouth with my brother. As I drove there I remember a plane coming in to land at Logan Airport and it made me jump in my car with fear. When I got there, she had shut off the TV and she was shaken, so in a way it was a good thing my kids were still in school so I could just sit with her and she did not have to be alone all day. A few years ago I learned in a fire safety training, by the trainer who was best friends with John Ogonowski brother too, the local man who was the Pilot of Flight 11, that although we lost 2998 people that day, the heroes of that day saved, in the Twin Towers alone, about 300,000 people. An amazing thing to think about when they were never faced with such a unimaginable event. Feel free to leave your memories or feelings of this day in a comment.
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Had to add this song & video, truly
expresses how we all felt that day
especially the rescue workers!!

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