Tuesday, September 7, 2010

FU Very Much

Hi Everyone, How are ya, I am doing great!! Sometimes an important part of mental health is telling people just how you feel about them, ya know, getting it off your chest! This song is for all of us for many reasons, one being for all of us who have had friends or family who turn into your judge and jury in your life. Held you to a higher standard that they themselves have no moral ground to stand on. I mean, like in my case, I had this couple that were friends, and when I first met them, he was cheating and she was the "other women", yet when I fell from Grace, they were just so above me, (denial and about 30yrs of alcohol and drug abuse will do that to assholes like them, trust me, I know) I'm sure you've all had people like that in your life. This is mainly a song for homophobes, I read she wrote it for George Bush, not sure if that is right, but I think it pertains to all assholes in our daily lives as well, don't you? Put it on your cell phone and the next time you find yourself really pissed off for ex, like when a person gets in the 10 or less items line with 15 items, and you only have two items, and they don't let you go ahead of them, hit play. When they notice, just simply act surprised and be like Oops, well my counselor recommended that I listen to this song for therapeutic reasons LMAO!! Or when you go into your bank after they have charged you $35 dollars per transaction for being 2 cents short in your account!! Or even better yet when your like me and now are dependant on the bus system to get around, play it for the bus drivers you eventually catch up with, who you have waved at like crazy to stop and pick you up and they just drove by you like they were in a coma!! Swear to God! It made me LMAO when I first listened to it, hope it does that for you too.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Love ya,
Janet :)


  1. Thanks so much Pink, I thought it was Hilarious too!! Glad you did too. I've got to get caught up with your blog this week. Have a Great Day
    Janet :)