Saturday, September 18, 2010

Walking On Sunshine

Hello, Happy Saturday!! Let me tell ya about my grandkids!! C'mon now and be a good sport and don't leave the page LOL!! Briana has just learned this song, I'm not sure how she did, but anyway it is perfect because that is how her and Christopher make me feel every time I see them. My best friend Sue use to say to me there's nothing like it Janet and of course she was right. She was a great Noni so I learned a lot from watching her, although she left too soon she left a lifetime of love inside of them. Briana is going to be 3 yrs old already in 2 weeks!! She always knows what to say to make me smile and laugh. The other day as she walked into my house, I went to greet her and she say's Mimmi, as she puts her arms up to hug me, I missed you, awww huh? She asked Christa the other day about preschool next year, "Mommy, she said will you be going with me"? Christa said no, and then she says "Good"! (maybe I should teach her Miss Independent) She is still getting use to sharing me with Christopher, when I hold him she will start to grab my attention and she actually held her hand up to me, like talk to the hand and said somewhat fresh, That's MY brother! Next time I'm gonna have to say, "And He Ain't Heavy" just to see the expression on her face :) Christopher is just the happiest little baby, same as Bri was, thanks to the great job their parents are doing. When he's not eating or sleeping he'll just sit and smile and talk to everyone. He just started laughing the other day too. He loves Briana so much that even if she just walks by him he smiles, too cute :) This is a great song still today, I think I will add it to my walking music, especially now that the sun is setting earlier and it's getting colder, this song will definitely put a bounce in your step. I've finally dusted off the treadmill. I'll miss walking the waterfronts as much as I do now, but one good thing about the treadmill is when I use to walk on it years ago, I could do up to 5 miles at a time, Seriously! I think once you don't have that big open road ahead of you, you don't think of distance. I just escape in my music and go, and when I'm done I feel so good physically and mentally. I highly recommend you give daily walking a try. Start out even just a little bit and it will become easier and easier, If I can do it you can. In fact I'm lovin walking everyday so much that I know I'm addicted. Finally an addiction I can be proud of, my legs are solid as a rock now too which will come in handy if I have to kick someone's ass that messes with any of my kids LMAO!! In the spring I'm thinking of starting to run with my brother, by then I'll have quit smoking (hopefully) one habit at a time the Doc says :) And who knows maybe someday I'll shoot for the Boston Marathon!! Now stop laughing, You gotta have goals in life right?
Thanks for visiting my blog today
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Janet :)

My 2010 Version LOL!
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