Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hello My Friends, How are you, I am doing great today. I am feeling spring in the air around me today, even though the sun is not shining, I am starting to feel renewed. I feel the fog in my head lifting after a long cold lonely winter. I notice I don't want to go back to sleep after my son goes off to school in the morning anymore, I am accomplishing more around my house and I have been walking a little longer on my treadmill. There were days sitting here, that I truly felt I couldn't make it another day, the isolation was just unbearable. No job, no license to go out anywhere, no friends, no Mom around the corner. I honestly thought I might just snap and wake up in a padded room! But thanks to my family and my supporters and friends here on my blogs and online, I made it, I sailed through. This is for all of you who are sailing too, remember whatever your struggling with, it will pass. Strength comes from within us and to us when we least expect it.
Have a great day,
Love ya,
Janet :)


  1. I just thought Rod Stewart would be appropriate here, Janet! :-)

  2. I'm so happy you're doing better. Good friends and family always make the waters a bit smoother for sailing. :D

  3. That was perfect Francis, thank you so much :)