Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fatal Conclusion

Hello, I have always been a trial watcher, O.J. Simpson, Phil Specter, Casey Anthony. I grew up with Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, so this trial has me even more gripped. The hardest part of watching this trial for me so far is thinking of Michael's children. I could not help but tear up every time they spoke of them. They lost their father way too young. I can truly empathize, because I did as well. Michael's death is so tragic. We should not judge him now because of the choices he made in order to live his life. He lived in a world that none of us could ever imagine. With much of his success, came much torment. What we all should do now is let his tragic ending raise even more awareness of the dangers of addiction and enabling the addict!! Together they lead to a fatal conclusion. Here is the audio clip they played today in opening statements of Michael. In it you will hear a man, descending deep into addiction. A man who just wanted to bring back his glory days, and care for the children of the world.
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