Saturday, October 22, 2011

Plenty Of Room For Blame

Hello, I was so horrified by this story that I don't think I can ever put it into words. Of all the reports I watched on this story, I think the Dr. Drew show on HLN touched on what is the most important part of this story. This is just another example of how the Mentally Ill in our country are ignored and abandoned by society. So many of them as well, live on the streets because of Budget Cuts and Insurance Limits. There is plenty of blame to go around in this story. And the blame should begin with each and every one of us.
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Transcript from the Dr. Drew show on HLN
PINSKY: This story, it just -- you know, some of these stories we report here leave me speechless. So, this is another one of them. The more detail you tell us, the more just sort of stunning this becomes. Our Philadelphia CNN affiliate, KYW, recently talked to three of the people believed to have been held captive. Watch this.

And Lisa, I`m going to ask you two questions. Can we learn anything from this story? Let me ask you sort of positive story. And then, you know, whenever we hear about these people being held captive, there`s always weird sexual acting out and stuff on them. One of these women had two children in captivity. Do you think that was part of the torture these poor people went through?

BOESKY: Well, let me answer the first question first, which was what we can learn from this is there are millions, millions of individuals with severe mental health and developmental disabilities that don`t have anybody to protect them. We`ve had severe cuts in mental health budgets and more are probably coming. So, there aren`t people looking out for them.

So, one of the things is this is such a wake-up call for people if they have family members, neighbors, or friends, to know what these people are doing, who they`re interacting with, where their money is going, because they`re so ripe for this kind of abuse and neglect. But I also think it`s a wake-up call to some of our government-assisted programs.


  1. That is just horrible! I can't understand why people would mistreat others in such a way.

  2. Hi Pink, good to hear from you, I have to do some catching up with your blog, I've been busy trying to get a job! This is by far one of the worst forms of abuse I have heard of in a while. It is just inhumane. Thanks for the comment :)