Thursday, November 17, 2011

Love Me In My World

Hello, I was moved to tears today thinking of my Mother when I watched this video. I still think of her everyday as it is, and some days those thoughts go back to the dark days of her struggle with Mental Illness. I am sure at times she had these fears. But I also take comfort when those memories return that she was able to tell me before she passed away that she survived her struggles because my Father, my siblings and I never abandoned her. This is actually one of the songs we played at her funeral as well. Please watch if you know someone who has a Mental Illness. You will read what they may not be able to express to you in times of dispear. And most important of all, no matter what they do or what they have done, please give nothing but compassion and unconditional love, they need it more than you know.
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  1. That explains somehow why you turned to be such a special, caring, almost magical human being, and I only got to know a very little bit of you. You are definitely very strong...

  2. Unikorna, I needed this comment today. Your kind words have touched me deeply. And your words inspire me to keep on advocating for the Mentally Ill in Memory of my Mother. You are also a very special and magical person, I'm so glad our paths have crossed.