Friday, January 20, 2012

Flashback Friday

Hello, Happy Friday! I came across this cute happy dance photo of Laural and Hardy on Photobucket. So it gave me the idea to check out their Official Website. I liked their website so much I thought I would share some of what I found on there with you. I enjoy watching the classic comedians of our day sometimes. It's just simple, silly, slapstick comedy. My brothers and I always watched the Three Stooges growing up, so I had to include a video clip of them. And come to find out they are coming out with a new movie of the Three Stooge in the spring! I hope you enjoy flashing back to these classics as much as I did, and may your weekend involve something that makes you want to do a happy dance!
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This is in English

Did You Know?
by Richard W. Bann

The official date of death of Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy:
Hardy: Aug 7, 1957.
Laurel: Feb 23, 1965.

8x7=56. 2x23=46. 56-46=10. Laurel was 75. Hardy was 65. 75-65=10.

Hardy died at 65 in '57, which is 75 backwards, Laurel died at 75 in '65, which is the age when Hardy died in '57, which is 75 backwards, which is the age when Laurel died, in '65, at age 75, which is '57 backwards, which is when Hardy died, at age 65, to infinity to the tenth power, which is how long Laurel & Hardy will continue entertaining a world in need of laughter ... if we have anything to do with it!

At one point, Stan Laurel had married his first wife once, his second wife twice, and his third wife three times. 1-2-3. Then he spoiled that arithmetic progression, but created a different symmetry. He went back and married his second wife, a third time, and concluded by marrying his fourth wife once. 1-3-3-1. What does this mean? TWICE TWO? Maybe TWICE THREE? You tell us. Perhaps Oliver Hardy had the answer in SONS OF THE DESERT when he said, "I never realized that such a deplorable condition existed in your home.

In addition to fishing, Stan's other interests included raising ducks and hydroponic gardening (a process in which plants are grown in chemical solutions rather than soil). He once successfully cross-bred a potato and an onion, but couldn't get anyone to sample the results.


  1. I had no idea they were making a movie. Thanks for sharing the trailer. My husband and I both grew up watching the 3 stooges. The actors look and sound pretty good especially Moe and Curly. I forget the guy's name playing Curly, but I know I've seen him in other shows. My son also loves it.

  2. I didn't know they were making a movie either! I just found the trailer on youtube when I was searching for a video clip of the three stooges. I know the guy playing Curly use to be on Mad Tv and then he was on that show with Will Shatner, things my father says, so you probably saw him on one of those shows. My son also loves the three stooges too, so I'm excited that there will be a movie coming out that we all will enjoy going to see! Thanks for the comment Bonnie, and have a good weekend :)