Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pill popping: RX for death

Hello, I enjoy watching the Dr. Drew show some evenings on HLN. For those of you who are not familiar with him, he is a practicing physician, board certified in internal and addiction medicine. He is also known for his show Celebrity Rehab on MTV. I wanted to share some of his insight into the growing empidemic of prespricption drug abuse as a follow up to my last post. Dr Drew discusses Doctors not being aware of the addiction issues of the patient as they continue to write scripts for them. I agree with him that there needs to be more awareness among these Doctors, and Society in general, so that nobody meets the same fate like Whitney and Michael did.
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Pill popping: RX for death

On Tuesday night, HLN’s Dr. Drew and his guests discussed a huge problem that’s afflicting our nation - a problem that may have taken the life of Whitney Houston - the prescription pill epidemic.

“I get frustrated when I hear people say she`s a former addict,” HLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell told Dr. Drew. “'Oh, she was off hard drugs. She was only drinking. She was OK.’ It`s just the wrong information. You can`t be a former addict.”

Dr. Drew added, “There`s a part of your brain below consciousness - below your reasoning center - below your feeling center - in the center of the brain. It`s an area called the medial forebrain bundle that sets up drives like survival and hunger and those kinds of things. That drive becomes distorted in addiction.” He continued, “It`s much more active when you`re using [drugs], and then all the distortions occurs. It settles down a little bit when you maintain your sobriety every day.” Velez-Mitchell noted that it`s an uncontrollable craving that takes over, which can be triggered by one drug.

Dr. Drew stated, “My patients with addiction die of prescription drug death every day. The death from prescription medication exceeds cocaine and heroin deaths combined ... It is pandemic.”

He later said, “Most medical professionals receive minimal training about addiction. As a result, doctors may be prescribing medication without fully understanding the potential devastating effects.” What do you think we can do now to put the brakes on this run-away train that’s killing tens of thousands each year?

You can hear much more of this important conversation in the video clip above.



  1. The thing is we are a take a pill society. Many times NOT ALL.. the issues can be handled with a change of diet, exercise and sleep patterns. There is a need for this medication and there are those who need it BUT we need to remember there are just as many who use it as an easy out. I have an ADHD son who is borderline and I hated the side effects of his medication, when I changed his diet, exercise and sleep he functioned the same as when on drugs but no side effects. I just wish doctors would advocate this first.. then prescribe meds..

    I am not saying drugs are bad.. just our need as a society to take a pill first.
    Sorry for hijacking the post it was great! and made me think!


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