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Wired and Tired?

Hello, I hope your doing well today. I've always been open to the idea of alternative ways to help with all around mental and physical health. So I thought I would share this information with any of you who feel the same. I know as I get older, I would like more Stamina and all of the benefits these herbs can offer. I'm not sure how to use them or where you would get them. I would have to get a book like the one I posted below. And remember, the most important thing to do if you are thinking of trying these herbs, is to talk to your Doctor first as they recommend.
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Note: When using herbs, please consult a licensed healthcare provider trained in their use. Some herbs are not compatible with medications. To learn more about the subject of adaptogens, I recommend an excellent book on the subject: "Adaptogens for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief by David Winston and Steven Maimes."

Tonight you'll meditate. You really will.

Tomorrow, you'll figure out a way to fit in that yoga class, between getting your kids to school and making it to work on time.

This week, you'll start inching toward that elusive "work/life" balance you keep reading about, keep a positive attitude, and work in plenty of "me time" without neglecting any responsibilities. Really, you will.

If you're like a lot of us, you tell yourself things like this every day but still struggle to make it all fit. You wonder: Who are these people anyway, who eat only home-cooked vegan, organic meals, get regular massages, meditate daily, work, raise their kids, and still find time to blog about how they "have it all"?

Who are these people who reach for their yoga mats in times of stress? The only things you feel like reaching for is a sugary snack, a cigarette, or a glass of wine.

You're not alone. Most of my day is spent assisting patients in finding ways to create some calm in their lives that can seem full to the point of bursting. When I ask them if they feel "wired and tired" the response is usually enthusiastic and immediate: "Yes, that's exactly how I feel!"

People come to our clinic seeking relief for a variety of health challenges: digestive concerns, musculoskeletal pain, immune issues, hormone imbalances, chronic fatigue, etc. We spend significant time discussing contributing factors, which are often stress, nutrition, and lifestyle issues. If you were a fly on the wall in the clinic, you'd hear discussions of strategies on how to reduce chronic stress and how to create a more balanced and fulfilling life all day long.

Over the past 20 years of practice, I've noticed a dramatic increase in how patients rate how stressful they perceive their lives. I've also witnessed an increase of more young people looking for ways to balance lives that seem unmanageable. Along with it, the number of people on antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs has skyrocketed. We see a huge boom in spas, yoga centers, wellness centers, life coaches, and so on. It seems like being "crazy busy" has become a badge of honor rather than being "balanced," and people are desperately seeking a way out of the chaos.

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7 Herbs to Reduce Stress and Increase Vitality

Panax ginseng: It's used to promote a sense of well-being and endurance, as an anti-depressant, for memory and calmness, for energy (it's one of the ingredients in most energy drinks)... and even as an aphrodisiac!

Rhodiola: also called "golden root" -- is used mostly to treat stress, depression and fatigue, and is also believed to increase mental performance.

Ashwangandha: is one of the premier restorative herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. It is known to help stabilize mood and support optimal physical and emotional well-being

Holy Basil: Within the tradition of Ayurvedic medicine, it is used to alleviate stress, headaches, colds, digestive problems and inflammation

He Shou Wu: used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a tonic to slow down the aging process. It is a restorative herb, calming to the nervous system, and has also been shown to promote hair growth, alleviate insomnia, and may aid with learning and memory

The Schizandra Berry: It promotes liver function, supports the immune system, relieves anxiety, increases energy, and it can improve mental clarity

Reishi: Chinese medicine uses reishi to "calm the spirit", can be helpful to reduce anxiety, alleviate insomnia, combat fatigue, and lower blood pressure

Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald


  1. Hello Janet. I find all of this just so interesting. I do try to read about foods and vitamins and their benefits as much as possible. Stay well and blessings, Catherine xo

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