Sunday, May 27, 2012

Meridian Tapping

Hello, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I was researching the internet for new advances in treatments for Mental Health as I usually do for this blog. I came across the Meridian Tapping Technique. I thought it would be a good follow up to my last post on Anxiety Attacks. This can be used for so many Mental Health issues, either on it's own or with other therapies. Some of you may have heard of it before, I personally never have, but if not you may want to check out this method. The basic principle is to release the negative energy that builds up in us, through past traumatic events, or general stressors in life. I am going to learn more about this and try it. I will share any new information I learn and my results with you, if any!
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Janet :)

Points on the body to apply
the Tapping Technique

Meridian Tapping Techniques repair blockages or disturbances in the body's energy system created by negative emotions. A person chooses a specific emotion such as feeling anger, frustration, embarrassment, insult, or belittlement to focus on prior to the tapping session. During the tapping sequence the person focuses on the emotion to be reduced or cleared while also making positive statements to offset the negative emotions. The tapping of fingers tips on various points on the body release pent up energies

Meridian Tapping Founder:
George Goodheart, a chiropractic doctor, is noted for first discovering that tapping the meridians (acupuncture points) was beneficial in the treatment of physical issues. Tapping was done with the finger tips as an alternative to using acupuncture needles. Australian psychiatrist, John Diamond, implemented verbal affirmations to coincide with Goodheart's tapping sequences. A third doctor, psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan who developed TFT added a third component: "focusing" on a negative emotion to clear away

Benefits of MTT:
Stress Relief
Peace of Mind
Calms Anxiety
Pain Management
Helps Resolve Emotional Issues


  1. Dear Janet,
    This sounds like a wonderful technique and if it truly works, it's worth a bit of an effort to learn how to do it properly.
    Thanks for sharing, you are very sweet and thoughtful :)

    1. Thank you Petro, I truly appreciate your consistent support, you are a dear!

    2. Really good technique I think. The first time I heard of it. Maybe it can show good result if perform very well.