Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hello, I hope your doing good today, Here are some words to inspire you today from Eileen Caddy. I would have to agree that sometimes our own way of thinking can get in the way of what could be.
Thanks for visiting,
Janet :)


Cease trying to work everything
out with your minds
It will get you nowhere
Live by intuition and inspiration
and let your whole life be Revelation

~ Eileen Caddy ~


  1. Hello, dear Janet. I hope you're doing great :)
    Mrs. Caddy seems like a very smart lady. I wish people could be more open minded, including me, that should serve us a lot of good as humanity.

    Have a lovely weekend, dear friend.

  2. I wish I could turn my brain off, and stop trying to figure out all the "meanings" of life, signs and setbacks! It's good advice, and I will try to focus on that.. tomorrow! love ya!