Sunday, July 22, 2012


Hello, Like all of us, I was devastated to see the Tragedy that unfolded in Aurora, Colorado this week. I started this blog to educate people about the various forms of Mental Illness in the hopes that it will help end the Stigma that still surrounds it. So when I want to educate about a man like this, who obviously has some Mental Health issues, I'm at a loss. I suppose I could look back through my posts, put some peices together, but I don't think I'll ever find an understanding of his actions here. This man had a deep, deep anger that we have not seen to often. Yet I can't help but feel sorry for this man, I feel somehow he was failed. I kept hearing all the commentators on the news talk about the Heroes in this tragedy, and as much as I agree with all of them, I could not help but think to myself there should have been a hero or heroes out there that could have saved him first. Then this could have been avoided. This is just my perspective because I have seen it more than I care to, people abandon people when they are in need, when they are sick, when they fear them. I am saying a prayer for all the victims and their families and my hope is that something is really learned from this Tragedy so that it does not ever happen again.
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  1. Dear Janet, This is a very sensitive thought. All are in our prayers. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  2. I just saw the killer on the news. His hair was dyed some weird shade of orange and he looked like he was having trouble keeping his eyes open in the courtroom... as if he was on drugs or something. What's most disturbing is that he was in a medical PhD program. What a waste!

  3. A tragedy indeed. The world is getting more dangerous by the minute. :(