Saturday, September 22, 2012

Go Crazy

Hello, I love this because it is so true, the people who go through life always worrying about being perfectly normal never truly enjoy their lives. It is "insane" IMO to never let go of societies expectations of "normal" and just be. Going so called "crazy" every once in a while will only do your soul good!
Thanks for visiting,
Janet :)



  1. Dear Janet, Sometimes it is fun to turn your favorite songs up and sing and dance. It makes the worries go away for a minute. Though, sometimes there is a feeling of guilt that because there is so much going on you are afraid to have that moment of fun. I hope all is well dearest. Blessings my friend and a hug. Catherine xoxo

    1. Yes that is the kind of crazy I'm refereeing to, listen to some music, dance or just let go in whatever way helps you to feel a little more free. Letting go of the guilt is a great place to start,
      Thanks Catherine :)