Sunday, October 14, 2012

Coming Around Again

Hello, Happy Music Monday. I love this song by Simon Webbe, it is both an inspirational and spiritual song. We have all had times in our lives where we have gotten to a dark place. We may have been sitting in that dark place due to Depression, other Mental Illnesses, Alcohol or Drug abuse, loss of love and/or loved ones. But in the long run it does not matter how we got to that place, what matters is that we got out of it, and that we came around to life again in a better and stronger way!
Thanks for visiting,
Janet :)

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I've been sitting in the darkness
But the sunlight's creeping in
Now the ice is slowly melting
In my soul and in my skin
All the good times my friend
Are coming around again
Oh yeah

I been thinking reminiscing
Of better nights and better days
Hiding in a refuge
Of memories I've made
I got a feeling within
It's coming around again

We been so long waiting
For the all time high
We got a damn good reason
To put your troubles aside
And all your winter sorrows
hang 'em out to dry
Throw it away
Gotta throw it away
All the colorful days my friend
Are coming around again

I got someone waiting for me
It's been so long since we met
And I may not be your salvation
but I'll offer nonetheless
And if like me u wanna take that chance
It's coming around again
Ooh yeah

I can feel a change of fortune
No more riding on my love
Feel the weight is off my
As my feet become unstuck
And all the good times on which
we do depend
Oh it's coming around again


  1. This one is already on my MP3 player - his album this is taken from is a classic - Thanks for sharing Janet xxx. Happy MM

    1. Thanks UCB, I do think his whole album is a classic too, love all the songs on it! Happy MM to you too

  2. Dear Janet, The words are inspiring. It is a difficult task. It takes time and patience. It is difficult and tiring. The times when you are feeling happy you afraid to be happy because you are afraid this will not last. It is a test of patience and believing in faith. Blessings dear and a hug, Catherine xoxo