Sunday, November 4, 2012

Called Home

Hello, Once again it seems I'm writing about loss. First I want to say Thank you to everyone who did really pray for my Brother in law who had the open heart surgery a couple of weeks ago. His heart was just not strong enough for him to recover from the surgery. He went into the surgery with a weak heart to begin with. Bob was young, only 59, he was a love, a very gentle, jolly type of person, with sort of a sixties hippie personality mixed in. Every time I hear the Allman brothers I think of him. What I loved most about Bob was that he would tell my sister to leave me alone when she would nag at me to do this or do that! He married my sister when I was 11, so having been a part of my life for so long, this goodbye is going to be hard, but I will think of him always and always he will be with me.
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Janet :)


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