Thursday, August 14, 2014

How I Wish

Hello My Friends, Long time no Blog! I think I'm ready to come back to it. With the recent event of Robin Williams Suicide, I can't help but feel the need to start talking about Mental Illness again. I started this blog in Memory of my mother who suffered for 50 years with Mental Illness. Looking back now, I realize that her suffering was not only from the Mental Illness. She suffered from Stigma, Discrimination, and Abandonment, from society, some family and all of her friends. The pain of watching what she endured has never left me, and probably never will. So my hope has always been to stop that from happening to another person, in any way I could, big or small. Then the world of blogging came along and I decided this would be my opportunity to help educate people on Mental Illness. I feel that through the education of Mental Illness people will come to understand it as a disease, like Cancer, Diabetes, etc, and that it can be treated. Knowing the different Mental Illnesses and their treatments should lead to less fear, and with less fear, no more Stigma. So having said that, I want to share with you that like the rest of the world, I am heart broken to hear of Robin's Suicide. I always loved his Comedy and Acting. I had the opportunity once to tell him in person. I was riding home on a train from Disneyland in Florida in 1988. I got off the train in Washington DC to switch trains when someone told me Robin Williams is here! They showed me where he was and My husband, daughter and I ran over to meet him. He was just sitting there, so quiet, with his wife reading a newspaper. I approached him and said "I just love you Robin!" With that he just smiled a little smile and graciously signed my pocketbook, because I had no paper on me! Now I treasure that memory even more so. I feel that he must of been at the point of no return, he must of hit the depths of despair. How I wish, as all of you and his family do, that he could have been stopped or saved somehow. How I wish there was a cure for all of the Mental Disorders. I know how easy it is to give up the fight against the mental illness that is plaguing you, my mother attempted suicide twice, and only for the Grace of God, she survived. My Mother had had enough, she did not want any more Shock Therapy, she did not want any more Thorazine, and not that I'm justifying it, it's just that I can understand it. It's a world that most of us will thankfully never know. Remember to have compassion for those who do. We should all remember Robin for the Genius that he was, and not the way his life ended. He fought for a long time and the world was blessed for having him for 63 yrs. If your visiting for the first time, and want to know more about any Mental Illnesses, like Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, just search for it in the search bar above. Hopefully I will be able to update on these illnesses with new information as breakthroughs are being researched. Until next post, take care and remember to have compassion towards everyone, you don't know what battle they may be fighting in private.
Thank for visiting my blog.